New Product: Pacific’s El Camino al Exito

Does your district need Spanish reading intervention materials? Take a look at Learning List’s reviews of Pacific Learning’s El Camino al Exito.

Pacific Learnings’s El Camino Al Exito is a Spanish reading program for Kindergarten students.  It is intended to prepare students to enter first grade on grade level. The material includes daily lessons, assessments, extension activities, and all required instructional materials.

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New Product: Fast ForWord® for K-5

Is your district looking for a reading intervention program that students can use independently? Take a look at Learning List’s review of Scientific Learning’s Fast ForWord K-12®.

Scientific Learning’s Fast ForWord K12 is a digitally-based reading intervention program for students in grades K-12. Learning List just completed reviews of this materials for grades K-5, as a follow-up to our reviews for grade 6-12 in January, 2020. Fast ForWord K12 is comprised of two primary components, Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant Plus. The purpose of the program is to support the development of foundational literacy skills and is intended for students who are struggling readers.

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Factors to Consider When Selecting Intervention Materials

When our Learning List team talks to district staff, we hear a variety of responses to the question, “How are you currently selecting resources to support Tier I intervention?” Answers range from systemic processes with district-wide solutions to teachers each selecting their own materials from multiple sources. The results of intervention are equally varied. Ensuring successful intervention requires consideration of multiple factors that can be addressed by answering the following questions:

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New Review: Really Great Reading’s Blast Foundations G1A (Grade 1 Aligned)

Really Great Reading’s Blast Foundations G1A (Grade 1 Aligned) is a supplemental resource to support early reading development in grades K and 1 and intervention in grades 2 and 3. Resources are available in print format with additional online components. Instruction develops the foundational skills students need in order to become proficient readers, including letter-sound relationships, phonemic and phonological awareness, high frequency word recognition, and phonics and spelling skills. …[read more]

New Review: i-Ready

i-Ready provides supplemental, online resources to support instruction and intervention in mathematics and reading for students in grades K-12. The program uses an adaptive diagnostic assessment to identify individual student strengths and learning gaps and prescribes teacher-led instruction and online tutorials tailored to particular learning needs. Learning List recently reviewed reading and math resources for grades K-8. …[read more]

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