Have You Pledged to Be ‘Future Ready’ ?

Last week, President Obama and the U.S. Department of Education recognized just over 100 exemplary superintendents for their leadership in transitioning their districts to digital learning. Interestingly, 18 of the superintendents haled from California, nine from Texas, eight from Indiana and from Pennsylvania , seven from New Jersey, six from Virginia, and four from New York. The remaining attendees came from a many other states.

Why Aren’t All Districts Jumping Onto the 1:1 Bandwagon?

One of the ironies we are seeing at Learning List is that although most publishers are selling online instructional materials, most districts still request materials that are also available in print.  Why? These are the three reasons we hear most often: (1)   Schools don’t have the technical infrastructure to enable all students to be online simultaneously; (2)   Teachers are not …

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The Great Debate: The Role of Technology in Education

Don’t miss the New York Times’ set of debates and discussions, Schools for Tomorrow, about the potential of technology to transform education.  Khan Academy founder, Sal Khan, provides the keynote address, and U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan discusses the role of online learning in public education, including the President’s ConnectED initiative. Panel discussions with education experts and policymakers address …

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