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[Source: Center for the Collaborative Classroom]
The Center for Collaborative Classroom’s SIPPS (Systematic Instruction in Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and Sight Words) is a multi-level supplemental program that supports literacy development in grades K-12. SIPPS resources are available in print and online formats and support core instruction and Response to Intervention (RtI) programs. At grades K-3, SIPPS provides instruction in the foundational skills needed to develop proficient readers.

As its name suggests, the SIPPS program provides systematic and explicit instruction to help students become proficient readers. Lessons focus on phonological awareness, phonics, and the recognition of frequently used sight words (e.g., the, was). At grades K-3, SIPPS resources are organized in three levels: Beginning, Extension, and Challenge.


  • Beginning: Short Vowel and Single Syllable Decoding is developmentally appropriate for non-readers at grades K and 1 and supports intervention for struggling readers in grades 1-3.
  • Extension: Complex Vowel Decoding is appropriate for students who have mastered the reading of consonant-short vowel-consonant patterns. Instruction is developmentally appropriate for grades 1 and 2 and supports intervention for struggling students at grades 2 and 3.
  • Challenge: Polysyllabic Decoding is appropriate for students who are proficient with spelling patterns. Generally speaking, this level is appropriate for grades 2 and 3 and supports intervention for struggling readers in grades 4-12.


An informal placement assessment helps to ensure students begin instruction at the appropriate level. At each level, students apply their learning in the context of reading and spelling and lessons include opportunities for collaborative learning. Resources include sets of story books, posters and cards to mount on classroom walls, and sets of flash cards to help students master sight words, letters, and their sounds.

[Source: Center for the Collaborative Classroom]
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