Instructional Material Review Service

Evidenced-based reviews and tools to inform educators’ choices

Instructional Materials Review Service

Why Districts Subscribe

Why Districts Subscribe Video

Low-cost, subscription service that provides access to thousands of published reviews and the opportunity to submit additional materials for review for free

3 evidence-based reviews of each material

Alignment report a standard-by-standard review of the material’s alignment

Instructional quality review an easy-to-read review of the material’s instructional quality

Spec Sheet a review of the material’s technology compatibility and instructional support

Interactive Tools

District Library organizes reviews of your current materials to help you eliminate curriculum chaos

Audit Tool identifies gaps or redundancies in your current materials

Fill-in-the-Gap Tool recommends materials to fill those gaps

Comparison Tools create side-by-side comparisons of materials’ alignment and features to save you time

Selection Toolkit provides customizable templates and online tools to streamline any adoption process

Quote 1

"This service saves me hours of work and definitely helps me spend our district's limited resources more wisely."

Director of Curriculum
La Grange ISD

Quote 2

"Learning List should be every district’s instructional backbone.  They have analyzed so much of what we try to do ourselves, but often give up on due to a lack of time, personnel or expertise! "

Mathis ISD

Quote 3

"I completed Learning List training just over a week ago and have already found the service to be extremely helpful. I am beyond pleased."

Instructional Specialist
Aldine ISD

Quote 4

"In my conversations with the curriculum team they have commented on how professional, detailed and accurate Learning List has been on the evaluation of our material. This is high praise coming from a group of educational curriculum researchers and developers with over 40 years of experience."

Area Sales Manager
Publishing Company

Quote 5

"Thank you again for all your support and guidance with the process.  It all went very smoothly, and we appreciate the flexibility and very clear communication.  It was very helpful, and we’re quite happy with the outcome."

Editorial Director
Publishing Company

Quote 6

"We greatly appreciate how patient you were with us in getting this submitted, and we are very thankful for the guidance that you provided throughout the process."

Director of Marketing
Publishing Company

Quote 7

"I just hired a substitute and let a teacher take a day off work so that she could align one book to the TEKS. That's $200 for one book. Your service will save our district money and expand our options greatly."

Assistant Superintendent
Bridge City ISD

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