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ExplorosExploros is an open-educational resource (OER) that provides supplemental products that support instruction in the core content areas.  Content is available online and facilitates instruction in 1:1 learning environments. Learning List recently reviewed social studies resources for Texas students in grades 6-8. Instruction addresses topics in world cultures, Texas history, and United States history using lessons that include whole group and small group learning experiences.[Read more…]

At the middle school level, Exploros provides units or “experiences” that address world cultures, Texas history, and U.S. history, as well as a “Celebrate Freedom Week” lesson addressing the Declaration of Independence. Experiences are organized using the 5E model (i.e., engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate). A “scene” is provided for each “E” in the model. Scenes are activities related to the E of the 5E model. For example, the first scene in each experience is an engagement activity that clarifies the lesson’s learning objectives.

Graphic organizers are integrated throughout content, and each scene requires that students respond to questions. Students may not progress in the lesson until they have answered each of the scene’s questions. Exploros provides different types of questions in its lessons. For some questions, responses are private between teacher and student, and some responses are shared with class.

About Exploros*

With Exploros, teachers don’t need to spend time hunting for resources and curating materials. The curriculum is organized into full courses, with 135 lessons per grade per subject. Simply choose what you want to teach, and assign it to students.

Exploros distributes the resources, documents student work, and automatically reports on learning progress. It’s that easy. The time teachers save can be better used to address individual student and class-wide learning needs.

*Information in this section is adapted from or provided by Exploros.

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