New Product Review: AnsMar Publishing’s Excel Math (Texas Version)

AnsMar Publishing’s Excel Math (Texas Version) is a supplemental mathematics product for students in grades K-6. Content is available in print format and includes some digital teaching resources on DVD. Instruction focuses on developing mathematical thinking skills, improving proficiency, and building students’ confidence in solving problems. Learning List recently reviewed resources for grades K-5. [Read more…]

Excel Math for each grade is presented in “Student Set” student materials and a spiral-bound “Teacher Edition.” Student Sets contain lesson sheets, or pre-printed worksheets, for 155 days of instruction. Lesson sheets are organized in three parts: (1) “Lesson of the Day,” (2) guided practice, and (3) homework. Instruction is spiraled, balancing new content with ongoing reviews of previously learned concepts. Each lesson includes a “Stretch” extension exercise formatted as a puzzle-based or logic problem.

Free, printable placement tests in English and Spanish are available for download from the Excel Math website ( Teachers may request answer keys for placement tests from the publisher. Placement tests review the prior year’s content and help teachers evaluate students’ level of preparation for the current grade’s work.

About Excel Math*

Excel Math is a proven mathematics curriculum for Kindergarten through Sixth grade students. Used in classrooms for more than 35 years, Excel Math curriculum carefully presents math in a spiraling fashion. Students learn and review different concepts throughout the year while developing a solid foundation of math skills.

Excel Math works in the real world. It was developed by reviewing math curricula, observing classroom teachers, collecting suggestions from teachers, and considering requirements from all states. The program was conceived and developed by one author, preventing fragmentation seen in other products. It enhances existing skills, and gives students distributed practice and spaced repetition of each concept.

*Information in the section is provided by or adapted from Excel Math.

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