New Review: Apex Learning’s Texas Biology

Learning List has reviewed Apex Learning’s Texas Biology—a comprehensive online course for Texas high school students. Resources support instruction in self-paced, remediation, and credit recovery programs. Instruction focuses on building students’ understanding of biology concepts and developing scientific process and communication skills. …[read more]

New Curriculum Reviews: National Geographic/Cengage Biology and Chemistry

image of the biology material's cover

National Geographic/Cengage’s Biology and World of Chemistry are comprehensive curricula for high school science courses. Learning List reviewed the version of each material submitted for state review under Proclamation 2024 in Texas. Biology focuses on enabling students to build fundamental knowledge of biology through phenomena-based lessons, while World of Chemistry focuses on enabling students to understand chemistry for themselves.

New Curriculum Review: Holt McDougal Biology Review

Does your district own Holt McDougal Biology? If so, take a look at Learning List’s reviews, which include a review of alignment to the streamlined science TEKS. Holt McDougal’s Biology is a comprehensive program designed to support Texas high school Biology. The content is available in print and digital formats, in both English and Spanish. While this material is no …

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New Product: USATestprep Biology

Are your teachers requesting materials to help students prepare for the Biology End-of-Course Exam? Take a look at Learning List’s review of USATestprep Biology. USATestprep provides a supplemental program that includes online test preparation and digital instructional resources for Texas STAAR End of Course (EOC) exams, national exams, such as ACT or SAT, Advanced Placement Exams, as well as others. …

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Texas State Board of Education Releases State-Adopted List with 405 Science, Math and Technical Applications Products

The State Board of Education today adopted a list of 405 science, math and technical application instructional materials, 303 of which state review panels determined to be 100 percent aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). The remaining 102 state-adopted products are aligned to between 50 and 100 percent of the TEKS. How are you going to review all of the available products to determine which are best for your students? Learning List can help!

It’s Raining IM in Texas

Yesterday, the Texas State Board of Education held a public hearing on the instructional materials submitted for state adoption this year. Not surprisingly, most of the testimony focused on science textbooks, and in particular biology textbooks. Historically, only products that addressed 100 percent of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) were eligible for state adoption. However, in 2011, the …

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New Curriculum Review: Kiddom’s OpenSciEd

As the materials adoption season begins, curriculum reviews can save you hours of work. If you are looking at science materials, learn about a science curriculum we have reviewed for middle school. OpenSciEd Science powered by Kiddom is a comprehensive science program for grades 6-8 and high school Biology. This review is based on the version of the material submitted …

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New Product Review: Glynlyon Odysseyware Middle School and High School Science

Glynlyon’s Odysseyware provides comprehensive online products that support instruction across a range of content areas for students in grades 3-12. Odysseyware resources support instruction in self-paced and credit-recovery programs and blended learning environments. Content incorporates instructional videos, grade-appropriate texts, games, and interactive learning activities. Learning List recently reviewed Odysseyware middle school science and high school science courses for Texas. [Read …

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New Product Review: EduSmart STAARSmart Science & STAARSmart Math

Learning List has reviewed EduSmart’s STAARSmart, which is a stand-alone, criterion-referenced test bank that supports formative and summative assessment and test preparation activities. Test bank items address the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for science at grades 3-8 and math at grades 3-5. Test banks are available online and allow teachers to create customized assessments that address specific TEKS. …

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New Review: Edmentum’s Study Island

Learning List recently reviewed Edmentum’s Study Island supplemental resources for language arts, science, and math for students in grades 4-6. Core content is presented online and includes some printable materials. Instruction helps students master the subject area Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and prepare for STAAR exams. …[read more]

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