New Curriculum Reviews: Discovery’s Science Techbooks (K-8)

Discovery Education’s Science Techbook for Texas (Discovery Texas) is a comprehensive science curriculum for grades K-8. The material focuses on helping students act as scientists and engineers through relevant phenomena, hands-on labs, and interactive activities. The materials are available in print and digital formats. Discovery Texas organizes learning around phenomena and recurring themes and concepts present in the Texas Essential …

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New Science Curriculum Reviews: Savvas Texas Experience Science

Cover of Savvas' Texas Experience Grade 5 science curriculum

Savvas’ Texas Experience Science is a comprehensive science curriculum for grades K-8, which focuses on bringing science concepts to life through collaborative, hands-on activities. The material is available in English and in Spanish and in print and digital formats. Experience Science organizes learning around seven topics in each grade level. Each topic includes a launch, which introduces the topic, an …

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New Science Curriculum Review: HMH Into Science Texas K-8

Looking for an activity-based science curriculum? Don’t miss our reviews of HMH’s Into Science. Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt’s Into Science (Into Science) is a comprehensive science program for grades K-8. The program focuses on providing student-centered activities intended to “bring out every student’s inner scientist.” Learning List has reviewed the version of the material submitted for state adoption under Texas Proclamation 2024. …

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New Curriculum Review: Amplify Texas Elementary Literacy Program

Amplify Education Texas Elementary Literacy Curriculum Review

Are you looking for new ELA materials for K-5? Take a look at Learning List’s review of Amplify Texas Elementary Literacy Program. Amplify’s Texas Elementary Literacy Program is a comprehensive program that supports English language arts instruction for Pre-kindergarten-grade 8. Learning List recently reviewed the materials for K-5 which the Texas Education Agency has made available to Texas school districts …

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A Radical Rewrite of Texas’ Instructional Materials Laws Threatens to Dismantle the K-12 Market


If you care about instructional materials, you need to know about legislation that is sailing through the Texas legislature: House Bill 1605 (Buckley) and its identical companion Senate Bill 2565 (Creighton). The legislation would implement significant changes in how instructional materials are selected and used in Texas classrooms. Why should you care? California, Texas, New York, and Florida have long been …

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New Review: Healthy Futures of Texas’ Big Decisions Making Informed Choices About Sex

Is your district considering materials to support instruction in sexual health and wellness? Take a look at Learning List’s reviews of Healthy Futures of Texas’ Big Decisions Making Informed Choices About Sex Healthy Futures of Texas’ Big Decisions Making Informed Choices About Sex is a supplemental health program designed to support instruction about sexual health and wellness. Learning List recently …

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New Product: Mentoring Minds ThinkUp! Science

Is your district looking for new Science materials? Take a look at Learning List’s reviews of Mentoring Minds’ ThinkUp! Science. Mentoring Minds’ ThinkUp! Science is a comprehensive instructional material that supports TEKS-based instruction in grades 3 through 8. Learning List recently reviewed the content for grades 3-5, which includes a print teacher edition and a consumable print student edition. ThinkUp! …

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A Seismic Shift in Science Materials

Over the last several years, we have reviewed hundreds of science materials aligned to state standards, Advanced Placement frameworks, and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Over the last two years, we have observed a significant design shift in science products. Using the 5E model and Project Based Learning (PBL), publishers are designing science instruction to engage students in doing science, rather than …

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Dear Mom and Dad, Welcome to Your 1st Year of Teaching!

Mother and Daughter

Are you a first-time homeschool teacher or are you proctoring at-home learning while your child is attending school online this semester? Either way, you are likely out of your comfort zone and feeling (a little) overwhelmed. How are you ensuring that your child is learning what he/she is supposed to learn?  This blog post provides a few pointers and accompanying …

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New Product: Math NSpired from Texas Instruments

Calculator image

Is your district looking for a resource to support students and teachers in grade 8 mathematics and Algebra I?  Take a look at Learning List’s review of Texas Instruments’ Math Nspired. Texas Instruments’ Math Nspired is a collection of supplemental online lessons and activities intended to teach mathematics content and provide professional learning support for teachers. Learning List has reviewed the …

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